Blender Bits, a History:

Once upon a time there was a Wordpress site at this domain. Time and a general lack of interest in Blender at the time, I had switched to Modo as my main DCC tool, lead to its demise.

For a number of years the domain lay dormant and for a time lapsed and even ended up in new hands. The new owner didn’t do anything much with it either and it lapsed once again. It is now back in the hands of the original owner and creator of the aforementioned wordpress site.

This is where we are as of right now.
I intend to re-post here, in a smaller less interactive manner, articles and tips as they come to mind. It is not intended for this to become anything more that a Blender notebook for me, and perhaps anyone who comes across it.
I like blogging and that is my main purpose here, to blog.

I have no interest in an interactive site, as I am not willing to dance through the hurdles of user security and privacy.
To that end; if for any reason, you wish to comment on something or add some salient information, then you are invited to do so via Twitter, if it still exists, or via Mastodon, the links are below.

This site is powered by HUGO, which is light and easy to post to without the need of a database and non FOSS tools.

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